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I used to use livejournal a lot. I used to post many stuff, telling my all. And then I deleted almost everything. But I actually think I should post more here. I kind of miss it. Does that mean I'm back ? I think so :). But it feels a little weird 'cause I have the feeling that I'm talking on my own and that nobody will ever read this, but nevermind.
Uni is over, all my written exams are done. I still have on oral to take on the 14th of May and then I am done. I hope I'll be good enough. I hate orals, I hate talking in front of teachers, it is so stressful. we'll see. 
I have many good news at the moment, actually. ALWAYS, first of all. This episode is going to leave the whole fandom breathless, I'm sure. I can't wait to see it, I'm counting the days !!! Next week I'm off to Paris for four days. I'll be able to go to Amaral's concert. They've been one of my favorite groups for years and I never thought they would come to France one day. I can't wait. And then I'll spend the 3 other days with two of my online friends. I've known them for years, we've already spent weekends and holidays together. It's going to be awesome. And I'm excited about many other things about this summer, actually. One of my Castle-fans online-friends is coming to spend 4 days with me. I'm going to move into a new apartment. I'll be able to spend as much time as I want with my friends. I'm going to Maltaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. This is really cool. I never traveled so far and never took the airplane :') *stressed*. And I found a job for this summer, I'll work in a shop for three weeks. And at the end of August I'm going on holidays near to my bff's place. We're finally going to meet for the first time. I can't wait. This is going to be an amazing summer :D
Wondering how many people will have actually read this haha. Anyways. Time to do something else than surfing on the net. Bye people :)

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03 May 2012 @ 01:32 pm
She's got a smile that could light up a room



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29 December 2011 @ 12:13 pm
Yes I think I am
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17 December 2011 @ 01:30 pm


You all know Stana's birthday is on the 26th of April right ?! So we thought it would be wise to start our project right away because it's gonna take some time, unlike the video we made last time.... and this new project is quite different.

As we all know, Stana loves travelling which is why we've come up with a project that involves postcards. And she's gonna travel through these postcards from all of her Stanatics' countries/cities so, she'll be able to see where we all come from ! Also, we thought that having everyone's handwriting would make it more "personal".
If you wanna be part of our project, please follow these steps :

* Buy a postal card of your city
* Write a message to Stana on its verso. Wish her a happy birthday... a few words... tell her whatever you want.
* It'd be great if you could also say something about yourself, if you feel like it (which would let her know more about you !!)
* Don't forget to add your name and location at the end.

Once you're done with that, of course, you'll have to send us your postcards...
We don't really want to share publicly our postal addresses but if you're sure you wanna participate, send us an e-mail to :
And we'll give you further informations.

We haven't fixed any deadline yet, it will probably be by mid-february but we'll keep you posted about it !

Now, one last thing. The key word of the project is DISCRETION.
Do not tweet Stana about it. Be as discreet as possible about it, we really want it to be a complete surprise. We rely on you !

Hopefully you like this brand new idea !
If you have any questions/any suggestions, you can contact us via Twitter :

Audrey : @Stracciatella29 (account locked but do not hestitate to follow if you have questions)
Prema : @k8_beckett (or @white_peonies)
Océane : @oceane_tlse

Many thanks for your attention !
Prema, Océane, & Audrey.

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I was so freakin' bored a few days ago so I decided to make something complicated to keep my mind awake haha. Well, it's not complicated to most of you in fact, but for me it was xD So I made a Caskett GIF with the three Always moments ;) Hope you'll like it. Got like 70 notes on tumblr, thought I'll get more but anyway, I'm posting it here :P

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 I loved this episode so much, I couldn't help making a few icons about Kate :)

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Just felt like trying something with Photoshop ;)

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03 March 2011 @ 09:48 pm
This LJ seriously needs a new theme. And a new header. My philosophy & italian homework will never be done if I don't work at night. I don't wanna get back to school. It's been almost 2 weeks and I haven't missed it AT ALL. I've got a mock exam in 2 weeks, I haven't started to study anything. AT ALL. I already miss Castle and we have to wait 'till the 21st of March for One Life To Loose. I wish I could do a marathon but I won't even have time. I want to watch Countdown over and over again. I thought the project for Stana would get more submissions ... I hope people are just thinking of what they're going to send, but didn't forget it. Now, I'm married to one of my friends on FB haha (okay, who hasn't done it ?). We shipped our nicknames on the net, and it ends up being "Applicity". I wanna see "The King's Speech". And maybe "Black Swan" but I still don't know. Seems weird and a little bit violent. (Who has already seen it ? Tell me guys ;P). I've been eating chocolate every evening/night and all week long ; my stomach will explode very soon x). Stanathan icons are coming ... very soon :) And I wanna make icons about Countdown too but you know ... Lazy girl is lazy x) I also started making a new fanvid one month ago. I have the idea, the song, but I'm (again) too lazy to cut the extracts from the episodes and put them together. But I really have to make it. I want snow. Everybody hates it, but I just  love it :) Oh, I'm just thinking.. My lines for drama class! I haven't learnt them yet. My sleeping schedule is completely fuuuucked up. Sunday is my mom's birthday :) And tonight I had nothing better to do than posting an entry that no one will ever read, but I just felt like posting it anyway :)
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01 March 2011 @ 09:33 pm
Remember guys when I told you I hadn't posted all my Knockdown icons ?
Here are the others :) Hope you'll like them :D

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27 February 2011 @ 12:42 am

Denver-sunset  and I have plans for Stana Katic's birthday.
Here they are:

We're going to gather Stanatics from all over the world. If you are a Stanatic, don't hesitate to participate :)
Then, we'll gather EVERYTHING you sent on a website - that we keep secret until it's finished - and we'll send the adress to Stana as a Fan of the Week submission.


You can send : a graphic, a pic of yourself (with something related to Castle), a drawing.
You CAN'T send videos, because it would be too long if several people do it.

You can send 2 pictures, but not more.
Add a message for Stana and don't forget to indicate : YOUR FIRST NAME & WHERE YOU COME FROM.


There's an e-mail adress we made on purpose.
You can send your submissions at : birthday.stana@gmail.com


You can send your submissions from now to Saturday 16th of April. Not later, or it won't be accepted.


You want to know something more ? If you have any questions, you can :
Send a tumblr message to Audrey (Oh-Apple) or Claire (Dead-Shoes)
Tweet us or DM us on Twitter :@Stracciatella29 (Audrey) or@awkward_c (Claire)
Send a LJ message todark-twiisty(Audrey) or denver-sunset(Claire)
Send a mail to birthday.stana@gmail.com

We'll answer you Asap ;)

• OF COURSE, this is a "secret". Do not tweet Stana about this or it will ruin everything.

Thanks for participating in this. We hope that you like the idea.
We're already waiting for your messages ;)


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