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17 December 2011 @ 01:30 pm
Stana's birthday Project.  


You all know Stana's birthday is on the 26th of April right ?! So we thought it would be wise to start our project right away because it's gonna take some time, unlike the video we made last time.... and this new project is quite different.

As we all know, Stana loves travelling which is why we've come up with a project that involves postcards. And she's gonna travel through these postcards from all of her Stanatics' countries/cities so, she'll be able to see where we all come from ! Also, we thought that having everyone's handwriting would make it more "personal".
If you wanna be part of our project, please follow these steps :

* Buy a postal card of your city
* Write a message to Stana on its verso. Wish her a happy birthday... a few words... tell her whatever you want.
* It'd be great if you could also say something about yourself, if you feel like it (which would let her know more about you !!)
* Don't forget to add your name and location at the end.

Once you're done with that, of course, you'll have to send us your postcards...
We don't really want to share publicly our postal addresses but if you're sure you wanna participate, send us an e-mail to :
And we'll give you further informations.

We haven't fixed any deadline yet, it will probably be by mid-february but we'll keep you posted about it !

Now, one last thing. The key word of the project is DISCRETION.
Do not tweet Stana about it. Be as discreet as possible about it, we really want it to be a complete surprise. We rely on you !

Hopefully you like this brand new idea !
If you have any questions/any suggestions, you can contact us via Twitter :

Audrey : @Stracciatella29 (account locked but do not hestitate to follow if you have questions)
Prema : @k8_beckett (or @white_peonies)
Océane : @oceane_tlse

Many thanks for your attention !
Prema, Océane, & Audrey.

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538stars538stars on December 17th, 2011 01:08 pm (UTC)
this is such a great idea!! I love it :)