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03 March 2011 @ 09:48 pm
Random post  
This LJ seriously needs a new theme. And a new header. My philosophy & italian homework will never be done if I don't work at night. I don't wanna get back to school. It's been almost 2 weeks and I haven't missed it AT ALL. I've got a mock exam in 2 weeks, I haven't started to study anything. AT ALL. I already miss Castle and we have to wait 'till the 21st of March for One Life To Loose. I wish I could do a marathon but I won't even have time. I want to watch Countdown over and over again. I thought the project for Stana would get more submissions ... I hope people are just thinking of what they're going to send, but didn't forget it. Now, I'm married to one of my friends on FB haha (okay, who hasn't done it ?). We shipped our nicknames on the net, and it ends up being "Applicity". I wanna see "The King's Speech". And maybe "Black Swan" but I still don't know. Seems weird and a little bit violent. (Who has already seen it ? Tell me guys ;P). I've been eating chocolate every evening/night and all week long ; my stomach will explode very soon x). Stanathan icons are coming ... very soon :) And I wanna make icons about Countdown too but you know ... Lazy girl is lazy x) I also started making a new fanvid one month ago. I have the idea, the song, but I'm (again) too lazy to cut the extracts from the episodes and put them together. But I really have to make it. I want snow. Everybody hates it, but I just  love it :) Oh, I'm just thinking.. My lines for drama class! I haven't learnt them yet. My sleeping schedule is completely fuuuucked up. Sunday is my mom's birthday :) And tonight I had nothing better to do than posting an entry that no one will ever read, but I just felt like posting it anyway :)
Mood: indifferent
Music: that adorable song from For Lovers Only's new teaser :)
fantasy_notes: Kate Beckettfantasy_notes on March 4th, 2011 01:31 am (UTC)
I read your 'random post' I love reading them! and btw dont worry about the stania submission.. im trying to work out what to do and im in the process of downloading photoshop or somethingn to my computer. Maybe suggest me some ideas because i have no clue. I hope to clue my friend in too next week. :P